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Cleaning flooded with phone

Cleaning flooded with phone
Brand: Big Tweak
Product Code: BigTweak
Price: 1,000 Kč

If you have spilled or dropped your smartphone iPhone or any other Android phone (Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc.) in any liquid whether water, coffee, beer, milk, yogurt, tea, etc. then you should immediately do the following :
If possible, remove the battery if the battery is not removable turn off the phone
Try to remove the maximum amount of moisture cloth
As soon as possible contact the service center (for example ours) to remove traces filled with coolant
In no case did not turn on the phone, even if there is no trace of liquid, filled with insidious in that the liquid penetrates and gets on the system board that when you turn can lead to burnout and circuit chips.

Even if you have spilled some liquid and smartphone seems to be working fine, do not rush to relax. In the fluid contains various salts that even after drying can harm board eroding it. Such lesions are easily recognizable by the characteristic white fly on ellementah board.

Do not try to dry smatrfon hairdryer and other sources of heat, it can lead to deformation of the casing, keyboard, and thermal damage ellementov on the board, especially since the water that fell under the chips without special washing is almost impossible to remove.

Do not attempt to use traditional methods of removing liquid (rice, etc.), it does not work and practice time lost on pseudo-scientific methods reduces the chance to restore the machine

We recommend ner azdumyvayas contact our service center, we will remove all traces of primed and restore the operating status of your notebook.

The price of the service shows the approximate as the final price will be known after the evaluation of damage

Our phone in Prague: 608210867

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