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Repair flooded

Repair flooded
Brand: Big Tweak
Product Code: BigTweak
Price: 1,000 Kč


If you spill on your laptop whether any liquid water, coffee, beer, milk, yogurt, tea, and so we must immediately do the following:
  1. Press the power button and hold the laptop for at least 4 seconds to completely turn off the laptop
  2. Unplug the laptop from the network and remove the battery
  3. Turn the laptop down the keyboard, to lost liquid (if liquid was spilled on the keyboard)
In no case do not include the laptop, even if the keyboard is no trace of liquid-drenched subtly so that the fluid flows under the keyboard and gets on the motherboard, that when you turn may lead to the closure and burn chips.
Even if you spill some of the liquid and the laptop seems to be working fine, do not rush to relax. In a liquid containing various salts, which, even after drying can damage the board, corroding it. Such damage is easily recognized by the characteristic white ELLEMENT raid on board.
Do not try to dry your laptop hairdryer and other sources of heat, it can lead to deformation of the casing, keyboard and heat damage ELLEMENT on the board, the more that the water that falls under the chips, no special cleaning is almost impossible to remove.
We recommend ner azdumyvayas contact our service center, we will remove all traces are filled with coolant and restore the operating status of your laptop.
The price of the service are tentative, as the final cost will be known after the assessment of damage
Our phone in Prague: 608210867


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