Our company

We specialize in hardware and software repair of computers, laptops, tablets and phones. We repair laptops running both Windows and Apple MacOS.

Comprehensive computer repair

We will be able to repair your facilities quickly and efficiently, thanks to modern equipment and extensive experience in troubleshooting.

Sale of accessories

If you need to buy a charger, Russian keyboard stickers and any other accessory or part, we can order and bring the necessary accessories for you.

Service guarantees

We give a guarantee for all hardware repair, which is 3-6 months.

Fair prices

We carry out diagnostics, before performing repairs, that allows you to agree in advance the price and terms of work.

High quality work

All equipment after repair is tested for stability and correctness of work under high loads.

Privacy policy

We guarantee that your personal data will not be available to outsiders.

Our services

We provide a huge number of services for hardware and software repair of computers, monoblocks PC, laptops, tablets and phones. The prices are for standard breakdowns, but if you have a non-standard situation, you can also call us and get a free consultation.

We perform not only repair, but we also provide services for computers

As more and more people face not only hardware, but also software problems during work, we offer comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services for computers running MS Windows or MacOS

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