Replacement of laptop battery

Over time, the laptop battery tends to fall into disrepair due to the destruction of the internal battery. In this case, the battery is quickly charged and also quickly loses charge. Some laptop models can warn the owner in advance about the need to contact the service center to replace the laptop battery with a new one. We recommend to replace the battery with a new one at these warnings, so you can continue working with your laptop without having to charge it all the time. Also, old batteries tend to break down inside, which leads to the release of toxic gas or ignition.

Since there are a huge variety of laptop models and batteries in these laptops have different design and capacity, we recommend to call +420 608210867 or email us to clarify the price and terms of delivery of the battery. Our suppliers are located in Europe and average shipping takes 2-7 working days.


The price includes the battery and work

#ServicePrice CZKDescription
1Standard battery1000Standard batteries are used for basic price level laptops
2MacBook battery2000The MacBook has different battery models and the price of the battery depends on the year of manufacture and model of MacBook

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