Computer repair

PCs are currently less common than laptops, and are used primarily for specific tasks such as games, complex calculations or assume the role of server. Our experts have extensive experience in the repair of desktop and personal computers, whether it is a classic PC or a monoblock. We can offer not only hardware repair, upgrade and cleaning of the computer, but also installation services, optimization and prevention of Windows OS and various programs for this operating system. Below are prices for standard problems which computer users face. If you faced a non-standard problem or you do not know exactly what is happening with the computer, you can contact us by phone + 420 608210867 for a free consultation or email us or write to feedback form

Our prices

If you have a non-standard damage, give us a call +420 608210867

# Service Price CZK
1 Cleaning of dust 700
2 Standard diagnostic 500
3 Reinstall Windows, MacOS or Linux 800
4 Install MS Office 300
5 Installing antivirus 200
6 Restoring or copying data 500
7 Upgrade or assembling a PC 300
8 BIOS firmware without unsoldering 500
9 BIOS firmware with unsoldering 1000
10 Motherboard repair 1000
11 Replacement of BGA chips (video chip, HUB) 2500
12 Repair of laptop loops or cover 500

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