Data recovery from HDD or Flash drives

There is often, during working or transferring data from one device to another, the media (HDD or Flash drive) is damaged in consequence of which there is a loss of data. If you connect an external drive or USB flash drive to your computer or laptop and you receive a message that the device cannot be read or detected, or you hear clicks and knocks from the drive, it’s not a total loss. You can contact our service center for diagnostic. We can find the cause of the failure and also try to recover the lost data.

In addition to hardware problems, we also deal with information recovery after software failures, such as file system damage, recovery of partitions after formatting and conversion, damage due to improper removal of the drive from the computer or laptop.


Prices are approximate, based on statistics of breakdowns

# Service Price CZK Description
1 Diagnostic 500 Diagnostic during repair is free of charge, in case of refusal to repair the diagnostic is paid according to the price list
2 Copying information 500 Copying of information is done from not damaged physically device to the client’s media. If the device is damaged, the service is a subject to additional fees, depending on the time spent on copying the information
3 Soldering of Flash or HDD board 500 If any elements on the board are damaged and need to be replaced, we can replace them and check the working capacity of the device
4 Correction of software failures 1000 If physically media is intact but has problems with the data, we can try to recover and copy the information you need
5 Replacement of HDD drive head 1000 If the drive has damaged reading heads, but the platters with the information are intact, we can try to rearrange the heads of the donor drive. The price is just for the work, excluding the cost of the donor

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