Welcome to our MacBook Service Center in Prague, where quality meets professionalism. We specialize in repairing all models of MacBooks, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac. Our team of experts is ready to offer a wide range of services from hardware to software repairs.

Caring for each customer, we provide a complete diagnosis of your device to accurately identify the problem. We are equipped to handle various malfunctions, whether it’s a failure of the hard or SSD drive, cable damage, motherboard issues, or recovery from liquid spills.

We pay special attention to hardware repairs, including complex procedures such as BGA chip re-soldering. Additionally, we offer installation and configuration of MacOS, as well as installation of necessary software for your MacBook.

We pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient solutions for your technical needs. Visit our MacBook Service Center in Prague and rest assured that your MacBook is in good hands.

Our prices

If you have a non-standard damage and it is not in the price list, call +420 608210867 or email us

#ServicePrice CZKDescription
1Cleaning of dust1000Cleaning includes a complete dismantle of the laptop, thermal grease replacing, lubrication of cooler, cleaning of the heat sink and motherboard with compressed air, assembly and testing for overheating. Cleaning takes about 2-3 hours
2Diagnostic500Diagnostic of a computer, laptop or other equipment allows to find a breakdown and determine the price and timing of repair. Diagnostic during the repair is free of charge, in case of refusal to repair, you get information about the damage and pay for the diagnostic according to the price list.
3Reinstall of MacOS1500The service includes the preservation and transfer your data, install of Macos and MS Office 2016
4Restoring or copying data500The service includes diagnostic of the HDD or Flash drive, assessment of hardware condition and the possibility of data recovery. The price is indicated on the standard breakage and copying from the working medium, the price is negotiated separately in case of complex breakages.
5Replacement of BGA chips2500If your video chip, HUB microchip or processor on the laptop motherboard are out of service, we can change the defective chip to a new one.
6Motherboard repair1000The motherboard is a complex technical device and is accompanied by various breakdowns. We can replace defective condensators, replace a non-working BGA chip, repair damaged contacts or make any other repairs related to the electronics. The price for the service is average, based on the statistics of breakdowns.
7Replacement of HDD cable1300The price includes the cable and replacement services
8The elimination of flooding1000The price includes a full dismantling of the laptop, boards cleaning in an ultrasound bath, cleaning of parts for oxidation and corrosion, assembly and testing. If you need to replace parts of the MacBook that can not be repaired, the price is discussed separately

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