Setup and lining of wire and wireless WiFi network

We all use the Internet at home or in the office, but for stable work and high speed information exchange you need a quality network connection. Often, there are problems with the Internet, due to the complexity of the apartment layout or incorrect equipment configuration, which are manifested in the form of disconnection of devices from the network, low data transfer rate or poor signal.

We will be able to arrive at your home or office, to check and configure the network and, if necessary, to replace the equipment for more stable work.


Prices do not include our representative’s visit

# Service Price CZK Description
1 Representative’s visit 200 The price is for Prague, the suburb and other cities are discussed separately
2 Configuration of modem or router 500 Configuration includes signal test, setting up of WiFi connection and other network settings
3 Ethernet cable 9 The price is for 1 meter of cable
4 Crimping of cable 20 Price is for 1 crimping and includes a connector/td>
5 Hours of service 500 If the problem with the network is non-standard and requires a separate decision, you can pay for the work by times

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