Damaging a laptop screen is a common issue, especially with frequent handling and movement. If you’re facing this problem in Prague, we’re here to help! Our service specializes in replacing LCD screens for all types of laptops.

To determine the necessary model of the screen, it’s crucial to know its serial number, typically located on the back of the screen. This may require disassembling the laptop. You can opt to do this yourself, or entrust the task to our professionals.

We only collaborate with trusted European suppliers, ensuring the high quality of new screens. The cost of replacement depends on your laptop model, and delivery times range from 5 to 8 working days. Additionally, if you prefer, you can procure the screen independently and come to us for professional installation.

Remember, a proper screen replacement is key to extending the life of your laptop. Turn to us for quality repair services in Prague!

Our prices

The price includes service for the replacement of the display

#ServicePrice CZKDescription
1Standard matrix2000-3500Such matrixes are installed on the most laptops of the basic price segment
2Only the replacement of the matrix500You can buy a matrix by yourself and contact us to install it
3Diagnostic without repair300If you need to know only the serial number for self-purchase matrix, we can dismantle the laptop and tell you the display data

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