Key Benefits of Our Virus Removal Services:

  • Efficient and swift removal of harmful viruses.
  • Reliable protection for your operating system.
  • Improvement in your computer’s performance and speed.

Why Professional Virus Protection Is Essential:

The internet can be a battleground against cyber threats. Hackers and viruses jeopardize your personal data and your computer’s health. Our services offer a comprehensive solution for virus removal and enhancing your system’s security.

Signs Your Computer Might Be Infected:

  • Unwanted advertising messages and pop-up windows.
  • Slow and noisy operation of your device.
  • Unauthorized sending of advertising emails.
  • Risk of personal data and password leakage.

Why Choose Professional Help:

Our experts utilize the latest in cybersecurity technology to ensure maximum protection for your device. With our services, you get not just virus removal but also preventive measures against future threats.


What preventive measures can I take against viruses?
Regularly update your operating system and use a reliable antivirus software. Also, avoid suspicious websites and do not open dubious emails.

Can I remove a virus myself?
While some viruses can be removed independently, professional help ensures more thorough scanning and removal of malicious software, and prevents reinfection.

How long does it take to remove a virus and set up protection?
The time depends on the complexity of the problem, but we aim for the quickest and most effective solution to restore your computer’s safe and stable operation as soon as possible.


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#ServicePrice CZKDescription
1Installing antivirus200We will install for your computer free or paid (license is paid separately) antivirus to protect your data
2Regular virus cleaning500If your computer is infected with a virus that is in the database of the anti-virus system, we will scan your computer and remove all malware
3Non-standard viruses500If you got a rare virus or a virus created under the order and not detected by the antivirus, we can try to save you from it. The service is paid by the hour.
4Reinstall of Windows800If you do not care about the data and you just want to get a working computer, it will be optimal to reinstall Windows. The price includes Windows, data transfer, drivers, a set of programs (archiver, video player, PDF) and antivirus

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