Virus removal and operating system security

Often, during the work on the Internet or start of suspicious files you can fall a victim of Internet swindlers. Swindlers use special programs – viruses which infecting your computer force it to work for the benefit of malefactors. You can get strange ad messages and pop-ups. Your computer may become slow and noisy to work. Your Internet box can do promotional emails to your friends, family and strangers. Your passwords and online bank data may also be in the hands of malefactors.

If you faced a strange work of your computer and don’t use an antivirus, you can contact our service center. We will install an antivirus to your computer, clean the system from viruses and configure your computer for stable and fast work


If you have a non-standard damage, give us a call +420 608210867

# Service Price CZK Description
1 Installing antivirus 200 We will install for your computer free or paid (license is paid separately) antivirus to protect your data
2 Regular virus cleaning 500 If your computer is infected with a virus that is in the database of the anti-virus system, we will scan your computer and remove all malware
3 Non-standard viruses 500 If you got a rare virus or a virus created under the order and not detected by the antivirus, we can try to save you from it. The service is paid by the hour.
4 Reinstall of Windows 800 If you do not care about the data and you just want to get a working computer, it will be optimal to reinstall Windows. The price includes Windows, data transfer, drivers, a set of programs (archiver, video player, PDF) and antivirus

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